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Full service reputation management, done right.
Build positive online reviews
Improve SEO & social media
Increase leads & referrals

1. We send surveys to your customers

5 Ways we do it

  • Import your clients to our secured site
  • We provide you a link to share with your customers
  • We add a ‘Review Us’ button to your site
  • We supply ‘Review Us’ cards for your team to give away at checkout
  • You can tie our API into your CRM to automate the sending process

2. Customers are engaged to share their review to the Review Sites of your choice.

Why ‘endorsements’ and not reviews? Reviews can be positive or negative. Endorsements are an act of giving one’s public approval or support for a person or a business. Mind … blown!

3. Your endorsements will automatically be pushed to your social networks

4. Reward your customers with a coupon to print or share on their social networks

5. Your endorsements will be prominently displayed on your personalized business page

6. Easily promote your customer endorsements on your website, Facebook business page, and in your email

7. Search engines love content, but they love customer reviews even more… and what’s better than a review? An endorsement!

Your endorsements will dominate on the search results pages for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, making you look GOOD while generating more customers for your business.

8. Sum it all up and analyze your ROI.

  • Receive instant review alerts.
  • View monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals.
  • Download reports to share with teammates.
  • Hold your team(s) accountable.
  • Analyze your ROI.

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