Why your hotel needs a vanity website ?

Just two words can answer this question. Incremental Revenue.

1. If you are  a franchise, your brand treats your property well, but equal to all the other properties they have in the area..

2. When a potential guest does get to your area, your brand website will give them the option to checkout all other flags within their brand in the area..

3. With a 6 second attention span, can you afford your potential guest getting distracted….the answer is no.

4. The vanity website is focused only on your property, and the book now page takes the guest direct to your booking page on brand.com. So you already have a sale ready to convert.

5. Would you rather pay 25% to an OTA or keep that money for yourself. Your website saves you that money. The ROI on your own website is just incredible.

I could go on and on with reasons for you to have your own vanity site, but the 5 points above should be enough to convince you that you need your website.

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